Waka Flocka Flame - Where It At (2013) (Produced by Izze The Producer)

альбом: Waka Flocka Flame - DuFlocka Rant: Halftime Show (2013)


I don't care about no he say, she say
Chase this money, love dinero like my fucking DJ

Kick his door off the hinges, lay it down
Heard you got that work in this house, lay it down
Nobody move, everybody on the ground
And if a nigga act crazy, brains on the ground
Nigga, where the cash at? Where the cash at?
Nigga, where the cash at? I need all of that
Nigga, where the cash at? Where the cash at?
Nigga, where the cash at? I need all of that

[Verse 1]
How the fuck a soldier broke with a loaded pistol?
Hope them goonies get you and those hollows hit you
If our squads miss, I bet my youngins' hit you
I'm from Clayton County, bitch, I want the issue
Fuck the police, fuck the police
I say it two times, all I know is grind
Bitch I gotta shine, crime pays
You couldn't walk half a mile in these Cool Greys
Dark Rayban shades, I'm like fuck a hater
Hit a lick, hit a lick, stack this fucking paper
Amphins stay right by me, I call it my neighbor
Clayton County, Waka Flame, I'm the fucking mayor


Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bitch I'm busting at 'em
Out lace I'm busting at 'em, No talking, send them youngins' at 'em
Heard he got work so we in his house
Niggas know I got a pistol in his mouth
Fuck nigga, where the work at?
You a lame nigga, you don't deserve that
Don't cooperate? That's a dirt nap
Whole house, I'mma search that
Where the pounds and the t-shirts at?
This one, man, I did it for the trap
Man the male lookin back
Talk around the bullseye nigga get crack
Where the fuck D-Bo at? Dae Dae keep him strapped
I'm thinking it, with a bitch I feel like Diego
Fat boy swag like my nigga
Gotti boy for life call me roulette
You know my crew go hard
These streets we gon' rep