Dope D.O.D. - Panic Room (feat. Onyx) (2013) (Produced by Peter Songolo)

альбом: Dope D.O.D. - Da Roach (2013)


[Verse 1: Skits Vicious]
I turn ya scar tissue to a fresh cu
While me n Jay play good cop bad cop, slice ya tats off
And wear em like i was Buffalo Bill
I take a couple of pills and give a couple of suckaz the chillz
What the deal? box cutter and rubber gloves
Gun fring it's nothing you rot in a rubber tub
Some ruff uppercuts 2 da jaw sure 2 shut em up
And make em wonder what then fuck keeps me doin this
Or why I keep breaking crewz rigs with sewer lids
I toss em like frisbeez vicious ain't new to this
...see what I'm chweing iz a magic shroom
Rappers lock themselves inside a panic room
Good afternoon, we turn ya whole house to ground zero
I'm the slayer of the mayor, ghosttown's hometown hero
Dope dod got em running with fear
Now move back muthafuk's: The Onyx is here!!!

[Verse 2: Fredro Starr]
I got Monsters in my head, unconscious almost dead
I hear voices putting all this nonsense in my head
It makes no sense, waking up with both hands covered in blood
Got your favourite rapper chain covered in mud
As it hangs from the front of my truck, like an ornament
I collect trophies for rappers I tormented
I got em walking like zombies in this bitch
One show blow him out his abercrombie and fitch
You give these niggas an inch, they wanna take a mile
I put the 5th to ya face take that with a smile
I'm foul... yeah so fuck repercussions
Black hoodie on liking like the grim reaper cousin

You need a panic room for this shit
Why is that?
Cause when we in da house, all we wanna do iz rip shit
You can't mess with sickest
Who are they?
Dope dod, and onyx, deadly mix kid

[Verse 3: Dopey Rotten]
I crack skulls cause my life is dull
I sold my soul ain't got a life at all
Yeah I'm making the calls watch your empire fall
I won't move aside my mindstate's like fuck it all
No need to panic yall
The world is my basketball
I'm not gonna pass at all give me what I'm asking for
Underground ambassador our army's coming after ya
You're living in the past and ya not a time traveller
Damage ya cut you in half like a paprika
Used to be in front but you didn't have the stamina
To keep it up now you starving like it's Africa
Now witness the massacre to death ill be bashing ya
Ya wife I be banging as you watch you couldn't handle her
Now take ya last breath and watch me strangle her
Evil right her yeah its more than pure
Keep killing till my heart stops that's the cure

[Verse 4: Jay Reaper]
Crack a heineken
Its time to strike the mic again
Seasons switch
Cycles end
We blowin' up like hydrogen
Now ima tell you that ya hype will end i'll grab the mighty pen
This god is vigirous i'll smite ya men
Ya niggas need to step it up and all
Im fuckin bustin balls
With flows bolder than a buffalo
See no cuffs can hold this nigga cause i rock and roll
And when i reach my toll i explode like Mark Ruffalo
Thats why im actin kinda cynical ya'll niggas like to make shit
I make gold and chrome minerals
Nevertheless im a killer cold
Bad to the bone thats why im livin' by the sinners code
Yeah you stepped into the dark abyss
We're narcissist got a taste for bloody carcasses
The problem is ya'll niggas ain't fuckin' with heated beats
The real chiefs or these evil streets

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 5: Sticky Fingaz]
I take you to a place that I don't like to go
I got that rifle flow cause killing niggas is like riding a bicycle
And how to break a neck is something that you can't forget
Sticky Fingaz... but you can call me face of death
Nigga i won't battle rap you i just eat ya adam's apple
Take you to the tabernacle, drag you through the street in shackles
I come inside yo house, nigga hide inside the walls
... I sniff em out until I find em all...
My voice sounds like my stomach growling
Grimey nigga what I won't do for a 100,000
This nigga something bout him, something wrong guns arouse him
Always got the huns around him
Hip hop is fucked without!!!...