DJ Kay Slay - My Brother's Keeper (feat. OUTLAWZ & ONYX) (2014) (Produced by DJ Kay Slay)

альбом: DJ Kay Slay - The Last Hip-Hop Disciple (2014)


[Intro: Hussein]
Hussein, Jersey Block, braaaa

[Verse 1: Hussein]
Yeah, I pop up, top down, blaze a snapback
You look hungry, nigga, better raise your crack pack
The belly of the beast is empty, we starving
Niggas got the history Messy Pete Marvin
Sleep bleak dreams, gotta waking up, chase them
These killers out here trying to get fear, so I'm replace them
My habit like a serial number, I'm defacing them
Niggas lost their Grammy Award at third baseman
What's left in them, I'ma beat it out them
I rolled my first bamboo and broke the weed upon I beat it album
Have since when we ride, nigga
You prolly thuggin' in this small ass town, somewhere high nigga
The kids lost, they ain't lead them right
All these so called O.G.'s, ain't feedin' them right, aight?
Chop to cut them niggas down like a G-Top
But buckshot, feather that ass just like a peacock
Hot flame on legend, Jersey block
Russian roulette with my name on seven
The ugly caterpillar right before the butterfly
45 rocking to sleep, singing a lullaby

[Chorus: Hussein]
Everybody lookin' for changes, but ain't changin'
Young niggas lookin' for gangs, but ain't bangin'
Soft niggas lookin' for cops, and they tellin'
Sittin' down, ready to snitch, I mean yellin'

[Verse 2: Young Noble]
We're too hard for the radio. Slay, don't play this
This the kind of hip-hop, these niggas don't make this
Stay forgot about the struggle, and niggas in the cages
Finna take it back to Adidas with no laces
We just spitting out rhymes, or spitting out razors
Niggas still mad, I can see it in their faces
Shine without diamonds, Outlawz and Onyx
Black rose grew from the cracks in the projects
Dope so good, make your baby mama nosebleed
They appreciate this shit more overseas
Uncut, untampered with
Remember AZ told you niggas "Life's a bitch"
Remember Chuck D. told you niggas "Pump ya fist"
All my G rappers still on this road to the riches
Hip-hop in it's truest form, Sway Puma's on
Hussein right there with the Ruger armed
Chor Noble, outlaw, Makaveli trend
And I'm from a Juice Crew like Big Daddy Kane
Courtesy of Slay, this is strictly for the streets
Ain't no peace till my niggas get a piece. Come on!

Ride with us, or collide with us
It's as simple as that for me and my niggas
We trading war stories, Outlawz on the rise
Jealous niggas I despise, look in my eyes

[Verse 3: Fredro Starr & Sticky Fingaz]
Let's get it unplugged, one slug is one thug
Get that gun love, run drugs with young thugs
When the drugs come, slug son, the rocks come
With the snob gun, till I saw the plug one
Listen, dumb dumb, know what hood I come from?!
I come with a hundred niggas, that's my plus one
Run up on these little college niggas for thrust funds
Nas need one mic, I only need one gun!
We back at 'em, black at 'em, we strap at 'em
I cock back, I click click click clack at 'em
I snap at 'em, I ride a terror at 'em
And back pad them, yo, let me get a crack at 'em
Back stab 'em, cut 'em up, hash tag 'em
Walking out the bank with bags a cash dragging
The garbage truck come Monday, I trash bag them
My lil game: Sho'nuff, The Last Dragon
You better keep stepping, we keep rubbers to keep repping
You got three seconds: 3, 2, 1
We got Kay Slay's, three Glocks, Street Sweepers
HK's blowing out, heat seekers
Better make way, better pardon the AK
My game is wildest, spill more bloods than Eight Tray
Throw that piece of pie, cut a nigga up eight ways
Last 48, you won't be found for eight days
We kicking doors in, closed doors get forced in
This is a caution, pay up, extortion
Or get tossed in, winners get bossed in
Or get tossed out the plane go in a crosswind
Huh! Stick Fingaz, double cross a niggas
Gun in your hand, don't make me force you, niggas
I come for the bread, it's gonna cost you, niggas
Take you to the roof, jump! Kris Kross you niggas