Diamond D - Only Way 2 Go (feat. Pete Rock) (2014) (Pruduced by Pete Rock)

альбом: Diamond D - The Diam Piece (2014)


[Intro: Diamond D]
Diamond D, Pete Rock, ah
Vance Right, ah

[Verse 1: Pete Rock]
Pete Rock the desperado, used to drop the hard top Mulano
With the trunk full of vinyl, now it's all about serado
Laptops, scratch box, 7.45, knock the camera on nevado
You already know
Speaking tongues, now I pop off
But I'm worldwide though
Paris, Germany, Tokyo, Switzerland
With my men and them
Diamond tea hit me off with that medicine
Make it sound intelligent
Only way to go is to be relevant
Sticking to the script off the rip
My nigga represent
This is a diamond rock that cuts glass
My musical past will set the standards for today's masses
If you can't see a player then get your glasses
Cause a lot of y'all niggas music I refuse it
Nothing in the message so I just keep it moving
Saying to myself how we let these fools in?
First cash, first class how we do
On the microphone that's soothing
With Pete Rock and Diamond D, together get it moving
Grime grass, prime ass ass, how we moving

The only way 2 go
It's only right to want the best out of life
The only way 2 go
Cause that's the way to be and broke is not a life
The only way 2 go

[Verse 2: Diamond D]
Little man I beg your pardon
I serve diesel, got all the heads nodding
Rose gold you leave snarting
Blow a sativa from out of the finest gardens
Sip an orange coke and gentleman
Love with headed but still quick to choke a gentleman
Niggas is enemy, stand all that
Blow smoke in your face, fam dread off back
On my ree up, while you're trying to get your bread all back
I'm at the roulette table, like red or black (right)
No need to reiterate, I said all that
All these producers wanna rhyme now, I let all that
I'm alone in my class, behind the bars
Or home alone in some ass
Up in the lab or on the phone with some brass
Laugh at that niggas who got blown with some gas
Fuck outta here