Slimesito & Fluhkunxhkos - Cutthroat (2017) (Produced by PedroFlexin)


[Intro: Slimesito & Fluhkunxhkos]
Welcome to Clayton County
Pussy ass nigga
Ooh, it's PedroFlexin
Pull up (Gang)
Lame ass nigga always talkin shit (For real)
Looking shocked as fuck when a nigga pull up on you (Bitch), ayy
You know I'm on that Gangway shit, 50d up every day (Mob)
50d up shit, man
Gang, Hkunxhkos
Sito, Sito, Sito

[Verse 1: Slimesito]
I'm the plug, son, I'm connected like WiFi
Fuck with me, man, that shit suicide
And you know I got the chickens like Popeyes
Disrespect, I ain't letting shit slide
All my niggas, man they ride or die (Gang)
MOB and you know I'm mob tied
Call Hkunxhkos, you gon' die
Fake nigga in disguise
Real, I don't gotta try
You can see it in my eyes
You can tell that I'm a slime (Slime)
All this money multiplying (Sito)

[Verse 2: Fluhkunxhkos]
Hkunxhkos, bitch, I'm mob tied (For real)
A nigga try that, he gon' die
Let this hollow hit his ass right between the eyes
Mama's crying at the funeral (Ayy)
We gon' pull up air that shit out, too (Gang, Jurassic Park)
If I drive by I'ma hit at you
AR-15, I ain't missing you (At all)
Fuck you mean? Me and [?] get at you
You ain't got the hoe down, then forget it fool (For real)
I pull up, hop out and pull off with your boo (Woo)
Shittin on ???
Now that bitch slurping me up in the stu'

[Verse 3: Slimesito]
Now that bitch sucking me up in a Coupe
Hit the block, and you know I recruit
Nigga ballin out, but I do not hoop
I don't think about a nigga, I just shoot
You don't like me, boy what you gone do?
Tomb Raider bitch carrying two
Don't let me have to pull up on you
Niggas hatin but this the salute
In the streets, boy I don't know about you
Fuck around, put your ass on the news
Ain't no tellin what a nigga gone do
Niggas mad cause their hoes be choosing

[Verse 4: Fluhkunxhkos]
I don't fuck with these niggas, they fu
Ate his plate, cuz that nigga was fu
Fucknigga should have kept him a tool
Pussy nigga should have stayed in school
How you let my lil Slimes treat you like a fool?
Dummy nigga should have played by the rules
That's why you fuckniggas always gone lose
On the block with my young niggas, we ooze
Clownin that man nigga shouldn't been snoozing
Hit his ass with that mu-fuckin UZI
Leave him drenched like a fuckin jacuzzi