The ReGime - Go Nutz (2013) (Produced by Pakslap)

альбом: The ReGime - The Last Dragon (2013)

Текст песни The ReGime - Go Nutz (2013):

[Tech N9ne]
Yates, mic checker, Tecca, 3-4
Five mo'll get ya up to N9ne with the beast flow
Drink mo, like I'm celebratin Cinco
De Mayo with Chico
Heed those, people that be so peace and cheat dough, we go
N.U.T.S. in KC, MO
Don't make me show, attitude that may be snow
When your mental state behold, that'll straight be so
Wasteful, will erase your labels, they go
In a grave be-low
Neeto, she know we be low when we throw libido
Her hero see mo, behold E-go-B-double-O-S-T-E-dido
I'm B, bro, and I teach yo people lethal like I'm C-Bo
Get evil, I'm Tech Nizzle, for B'zle I'm leavin em on the seasho
(Seashore) zero, left with nothin but beetles
Crows, snakes and mosquitoes, tryin to veto my Cheetos
No way, amigo, schemin mi hoes illegal
Specially if you're feeble, sick and nuts, we G-O!

[Hook] (x2)
Nuts, nigga, go, go nuts
Bottles of Cîroc got a nigga tore up
And I'm poppin molly, yeah, I'm bout to turn up
These bitches turned up, niggas know (we G-O!)

[Verse 2: Lee Majors]
Ey, mic checker, checker, 1-2
Three comes from breakin' down, cooked up in swish guts
Ham sammich homie, I ain't talkin' cold cuts
Dragon Gang in this thang, yeah, we go nuts
I'm rockin' three chains, tryin' to leave with three sluts
Got the whole party noddin', we pourin' leaner
Candy paint weather make you sea sick and throw up
Old-school * * *, CBC, tweaked up
Stash spot in the whip with the thang tucked
* slidin' on ice like a hockey puck
* packer * * just left * * *
Straight to the kitchen, * * *, * *
* * movin' chickens, I'm a taco truck
R.I.P. Mac Dre, throw your T's up
Ho so dope, white girl, no * *
Got them things bouncin' back * at the free throw

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 3: Yukmouth]
Mic checker, checker, 1-2-3 shit
This the remix, Dragon Gang, Regime shit
Yukmeeze, Lee Majors and Tech Nin', bitch
Ain't nobody fuckin' with my clique, that Jay-Z shit
Flyer than a G6
I pull that V12 Benz beside your V6, your bitch wanna leave quick
Now that's G shit, I don't need your free bitch
Still I'm makin' it hard for these pimp niggas, 3-6
I * off of that spaceship, you haters best not say shit
My goon squad come spray shit, them banana clips go ape shit
Nigga * * face lift, eavin' hundred shots on the pavement
From KC to the Bay, bitch, my niggas ain't nothin' to play with, bitch!
(You bitch) I pop the molly, now I'm turnin' up
Got the bitches off the molly, now they * *
Got a brick of activists, niggas pullin' up
Dragon Gang in this thang, bitches goin' nuts

[Hook] (x2)