CD1 (Instrumentals):
01. Lost In The Echo (Instrumental)
02. In My Remains (Instrumental)
03. Burn It Down (Instrumental)
04. Lies Greed Misery (Instrumental)
05. I'll Be Gone (Instrumental)
06. Castle Of Glass (Instrumental)
07. Victimized (Instrumental)
08. Roads Untraveled (Instrumental)
09. Skin To Bone (Instrumental)
10. Until It Breaks (Instrumental)
11. Tinfoil / Powerless (Instrumental)

CD2 (A Capellas):
01. Lost In The Echo (A Capella)
02. In My Remains (A Capella)
03. Burn It Down (A Capella)
04. Lies Greed Misery (A Capella)
05. I'll Be Gone (A Capella)
06. Castle Of Glass (A Capella)
07. Victimized (A Capella)
08. Roads Untraveled (A Capella)
09. Skin To Bone (A Capella)
10. Until It Breaks (A Capella)
11. Powerless (A Capella)