Yeah, Laurenovitch, check it
Yo, yo, yo

[Verse 1]
Same routine, runnin' through the jungle flow
Money in the bungalow
Bout to fuck another hoe
Bodying another show, if not I'm in the hood probably
Fake friends frontin' probably would if they could rob me
Hats low, rockin' shades, probably play the spot for days
Couple niggas off the block up top 'cause they got [?] for raids
Watch for aids
Scandalous bitches wanna go raw
No time for getting burnt or having kids I'm going on tour
Let this rap money get like the 9 might bust in your door
Took fast or something feel like 90 rocking Fila velour
Reppin' righteous, think with spices, most 'dem speak for the poor
Go to jail without no bail before I sleep on the floor
Still on that Queens shit, the only thing I keep it is raw
I got a mean grip, for yours my fuckin' handle's obscure
I need a clean chick, that loves me for my vandal allure
That keeps her feet right, and always rocks a sandal or [?]

I'm from the three letter, two era, do better, new sweater
New cheddar, new leather, nigga what up
All my people fucking with me, fuck around and get cut
Outdoorsman in the building now who fucking with us

[Verse 2]
Same routine, s'getting cream, plus we [?]
My damn team is known for looking fresh just like my [?]
Expand green, lean, promethazine but rocking sneakers
Flexin' purple [?] probably spot us on your bleachers
[???] I'll pick a chick and spout the features
I'm still - up in the street with all the [?] and the creatures