Little Simz - Offence (2018)

Allow me to pick up where I left off
The biggest phenomenon and I’m Picasso with the pen

N***s always talk shit until I hit them with the realness
Figured I should say sum’ but you don’t wanna hear me vent

You can talk bad all day long I will never be impressed
Dunno what I did to make you feel that you be earnin’ my respect

You do not scare me no you are not a threat
Anyone that want it they can get it in a flash no sweat

If you’re gonna talk on my name least say it with your chest
Got my team on deck taking out all pawns and my night got your queen in check… mate

Don’t get touchy don’t be getting in your feelin’s
All I do is kill shit, shit even when I’m chillin’

I’m Jay-Z on a bad day, Shakespeare on my worst days
Never been a punk, trust you can get it in the worst way
Fuck it lemme get a birthday cake and it ain't even my birthday
Cos when I switch, then they wanna say that I’m a bitch

You’re not listening
You’re not listening
I said it with my chest and I don’t care who I offend uh huh haaa