Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - Bang On (feat. Mack 10) (Produced by DJ Battlecat) (2003)

album: Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - West Koasta Nostra (2003)

Niggas wanna fuck with me
That's why I gots to bang on you
Hater's wanna fuck with the g's
That's why we gots bang on you
Niggas wanna fuck with me
That's why I gots to bang on you
Hater's wanna fuck with the g's
That's why I gots bang on you

[ verse-Ganxta Ridd ]
I say fuck them all when I bang them on some
From Inglewood to my city of Carson
Through every hood you should be bangin more often
Is your life more then what it is costin
Chicken hawker shit talken dogg barker
Ghost the scene the snatch of the nath watcher
The cock it down blood walker collar blocker
Never throw it up I through down with the wreath rock
SOO WOO set ride on the left put my flag on my
Shoulder so it lays on my chest
The dime piece put the "I" in finess but you can bless
That chrome while I bless my fit
It's on tell these 5th niggas its on p-funk I funk or no funk at all
Ganxta Ridd Mack 10 with the flamedarin
Piru 3 street yall ain't ready for this

[Mack 10]
Eyes forward

[Verse Mack 10]
Yall don't understand I bang on ho niggas
Slang blowin in a drive jack foe moe figgaz
Walked in the party more flamed then a arson
Cuz the QSI caught a link with the Carson
I'm Gangsta, you ain't tried it don't knock it
Sag when I feel flag in my right pocket
The West been G'z it ain't a new style
And the Boo Yaa more Samoans then a luau
I fucks with 'em cuz we from the same side
And who ever got hit with the K flame died
Always been a rida always stood up
Damu niggas and bitches throw yo hood up (SOO WOO)
Get it how you live if you tamper with the sack
I go to war over crack like Bush and Iraq (ha ha)
It's mack 10 nigga hoo bangin affiliate
Stay gangsta all the time and fuck who ain't feelin it


[Verse-Gangxta Ridd]
I stay flamed up ritual keep the dickies original
Authorized to smash through a gang funeral
With the G.A.W.T.T.I. belt buckle the west chuckle
My bumpy knuckles can't stop my hustle
They puzzle how the hen get guzzled
They tumble tryin to fade through the muscle
They in trouble when the mind go humble
The debris from the rubble got the whole ben doubled
Where they at, there they go gangsta shit
Where you from here we go gangsta hit
The rap scholar scrap brawler burgandy maroon
Neva visualize unless it go boom
G.A.W.T.T.I. get teflan boss of all dons
Always outnumbered but never outdone
Niggas don't want to march unless we a million
Let me p-funk it Westside and make don

[Hook x's 3]