Lady XO - Ignorant (2019)


You gotta sharp ass tongue for a bitch thats suckin dick
My homie hit her bout some beef and she still tryna send a pic
I Swear to god cant trust these bitches
Actin friendly miss me with it
Cut em off they get to snitchin
Sorry no i cannot risk it

I tried to put em on but they never wanna listen
Talk about it on the low
But Im not really trippin
And Now when they hear my shit its right away they go to skip it
But I dont take it personal its just part of the business

Had to go and make it happen
Fuck I look like lettin you snatch it
Bitch Im self made
If you hatin I aint tryna have it

Hit me up for what you need but only if you tryna grab that
Cuz i dont got the time to waste on no one who be cappin

And Im posted at the spot
And bitch Im movin quite a lot
Gimme 20 minutes tops
Ill be right back doin a drop
Its 2k19 what the fuck you doin not chasin the guap
Im busy at the studio tryna make this hot shit pop

Okay you say you bout that action up until its time to go
I gotta glock on me under the seat I keep it on the low
You not my family I don't know you then Ill never trust a soul
Speakin of them we tryna make it bet we stayin ten toes
Eatin little cesars pizza cuz that shits only a fin
When I was broke I cant recall someone who wanted me to win
When you down and out they sendin shots but shit aint even skim
Gottem creepin on me now sayin they proud like bitch since when

Man its woven in the Fabric
Why you talkin all that madness
You should lemme rub off on you
Cuz Im causin all this static
Lil pretty body tatted
Lipstick poppin cuz its matted
But dont ever get me fucked up
Take you off the map its magic

Got so many blue bills on me
I feel like Im swimming
Made a couple stacks this week
& all ya homeboys actin jealous
But dont take it too personal
I make this shit look easy
Hoe Stop fakin smiles in my face
Straight up you lookin cheesy

Backpack fulla packs
Act funny get smacked
Run up on me
Pop ya top like a tic tac
We aint playin none of that
Homie better step back
Unless he want some hittas on his ass and they dont chit chat

Stupid ass bitch thinkin we cant find where he stay
My girl finessed him out a bag & then go on about her way
Dont hit me up with all the drama what you expect me to say
Cuz thats just how the cookie crumbles when you think you runnin game