Snak The Ripper - Vandalize Shit (feat. ONYX) (2012) (Produced by Vokab Beatz)

альбом: Snak The Ripper - White Dynamite (2012)


[Hook] x2
Vandalize shit, vandalize shit, vandalize shit
Vandalize shit, vandalize shit, vandalize shit
Spray paint it on the walls

[Verse 1: Fredro Starr]
Yeah, hey yo I come through your hood like what
Throw my tag up, cause life sucks
Like I give a fuck, I'm struck with bad luck
Hanging out with bad crowds, niggas is mad loud
Shouts to the nomads and the kids that go bad
This is for the vandals in the train-yard smoking camels
Writing on the train cars and train guard
Mad agression, ever since an adolescent
Never had a dad present, I left a bad impression
Never learn my lesson never wait my turn
Niggers, wasting time on a tax return
We unemployed, type of guys you wanna avoid
It's real in the streets and this gun ain't a toy
You see us in the dark alley, better cross the street fast
Throwin' burners up, cops watch and gotta be fast
Spray ground, backpack full of spray cans
We've been fucking writing on the walls since cavemen

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Snak the Ripper]
Well I don't gotta tell you what my name is cause you already know
Spend my life packing a bag of Rusto
With Last Dayz on my walkman, ducking from the cops then
Mad face underneath my mask when I'm rockin
Joints keep tucking, the crew is unstoppable
Ain't concerned with nothing, hit you up with the arsenal
Disrespecting us will get you rushed to the hospital
With first degree burns and pain, you never thought possible
Stompdown represent, faceless the rioting
Defecate on anything, ain't no love inside of me
Decorate the city cause they got no variety
Fuck society I'm bombing shit with no sobriety
Fuck getting bounced ain't a cop that can stop it
40 ounce sipping, on my 12 ounce profit
Look at what I've done, made up my mind and then I lost it
Started just for fun and now I make a little profit

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Sticky Fingaz]
I been around the world threw up my name everywhere
I left my autograph so you know I was there
Spraypaint the name 'Sticky Fingaz' on a church I dont care
Just releasing my demons like I'm writing in a mirror
If I cross your name out that means your gonna get murked
You better read the signs on the wall, we marking our turf
Give me a sharpie and space I throw my tag on the earth
I even bomb your piece like spit, if you was there first
Im a hooligan, terrorist, defacing private property
They moving in, its evidence, * hypocrisy
Violating my verse, * freedom of expression *
I'm on some shit but you don't know it till you stepping in it
Its from the heart I do graffiti in blood
Carve your name in jail, * thug
I'm addicted to vandalism, shit is a drug
I get high off smelling paint it gives me a buzz