Young Buck - Push (2015) (Produced by Drumma Boy)

альбом: Young Buck - Before the Beast (2015)



Still pushing, I'm really pushing, I'm pushing
Push the weed, push the molly, push the coke
Keep pushing, can't stop now I'm pushing
What we pushing, push the lean, push the beans, cook the dope

[Verse 1]

Boy I'm running my block, hot I'm cooking them pots (Whip it)
Operation cannot stop I'm busting at cops
Ain't nobody gone serve in my spot I got this on lock
I told my niggas let off some shots if nobody knock
Everyday we open them shoppers stay on the clock
The fiends still gone take it whether you waiting or not
These niggas still gone hate you for whatever that you got
I say "get your money, whatever you do don't stop"


[Bridge 2X]

Push me and I'm a push ya ass back (Push 'em out)
Push ya ass back (Keep pushing)


[Verse 2]

I'm pulling up on all of the thots, stand in the drops
I'm A town, the birds watch
I'm hopping out I'm fresh out the lot, niggas look shocked
I keep my Glock I know that they plot, when you on top (Fuck em)
When I go in the box it is nothing feeling my slot
Set me next to Biggie and somewhere between Pac
I'm bringing something to smoke with me in case the gates lock
And pray the lord open up the door when I knock

[Hook 2X]

(Pushing) 3X