G-Unit - Ahhh Shit (2014) (Produced by TM88)

альбом: G-Unit - The Beauty of Independence (2014)


"I'm minding my business officer; I'm minding my business
Please just leave me alone
I told you the last time please leave me alone"
(We want the officer who did the choke
As well as the officers that stood around)

[Hook: 50 Cent]
(Ah shit) Now why the fuck did you call them cops?
(Ah shit) With your hands up you still getting shot
(Ah shit) Here they come now, they out on patrol
(Ah shit) They killed a few, they feeling to kill some more

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Walked in here on that bullshit
I been turn't up all day bustin' shots
Ever since Mike Brown went down
My whole city like, "fuck a cop"
Run the red light, fuck a stop
Bust his head when you pump the Glock
Got my bread up, I run the block
I don't play around with you bombaclot
Bring it you to you if you really want this
My heart cold, I'll send you something hot
Blowing kush, but I'm staying focused
Cause niggas move when they think you not
That shit got my brother shot
Standing right in front of his mother's spot
But that got about ten of them popped
And last night another one of them dropped
We don't do no peace treaties
No backing down, no calling quits
Kidd Kidd tell these niggas how quick
Buck can get on my New Orleans shit
Like whodie, say bro, you must not know me
You want war? Okayyy


[Bridge: 50 Cent]
(Ahhh shit) Man, who the fuck done dialed 9-1-1?
(Ahhh shit) Now who the fuck done dialed 9-1-1?
(Ahhh shit) See the lights flashing, now here they come
(Ahhh shit) Now who the fuck done dialed 9-1-1?

[Verse 2: Kidd Kidd]
Let's stomp them out with both feet
They gon' patch him up like a slow leak
Rest in Peace to Ezell, middle finger to the police
Fuck y'all with no grease, no justice, no peace
They did Mike wrong like Cochise ain't nobody getting no sleep
Now they saying we ignant, Buck is you rolling with me?
My hoodie on like Trayvon, I'mma give Zimmerman the business
Where I go my niggas follow, hollow points thrown like a spiral
It's go time, show time, get clapped like the Apollo
I'm trapped out like fuck y'all, I'll abide by this gun law
Unless you gon' do me like Eric Garner
If you catch me smoking on my cigar
Put my hands up and you pull your pistol
Just because I'm a hood nigga
This full clip gon' full flip you

[Hook + Bridge]

(I can't breathe x6)
Once again, police beating up on people
All he did was break up a fight and this is what happens for breaking up a fight
This is a disgrace, there's a test in this city and we intend to keep the pressure on
(Let's continue to show this nation who we are, continue to show this country who we are...)