Diamond D - Superman (2015) (Produced by DJ Scratch)

альбом: Diamond D - The Diam Piece (2014)


The game used to excite me
To find inspiration now is unlikely
Monkey see monkey do is unlike me
I'm a vet, i just do it like Nike

Looking spiffy at all times you know me
Low key, oyster perpetual rollie
I'm at the trump sipping OJ and Stoli
The flow is effortless and easy like Mo Bee

Like Mo Dee I'm treacherous when I'm spittin
And you haters catch a fit when I'm shittin
Running through few pounds out in Britain
Squizzy , I keep the thick chicks smitten

The animal on the boards and the beats
Plus i got a few broads in the streets
I spit game they come aboard when I speak
Tell a lie I put the board on the beak

So you can call me prime time like sanders
I keep a few birds in the bucket like sanders
Me and the team all stand like commanders
I tell a bitch what to do like Ann Landers

It's all love you should know from the get go
I get love , get respect and I gets dough
Niggas jump on the dills when your shit blow
Turn around and gas you up like itgo

I cut the grass so I see these snakes
Plus I already know firsthand how much gwop a hot CD makes
I preach on like TD Jakes
And come down with the hand of god when I see these fakes

So i don't walk around grinnin
Spent half my life walking around sinnin
Pocket full of money walking around in linen
Spending the spoils of a new beginning

I've seen it all it's just a movie on repeat
Nice with the hands, unruly with the heat
Behind the tints I keep the toolie on the seat
*scratching noise* yours truly on the beat

I fly high with the horn of the Gideon
Laid up blowing kush at the meridian
With a nice thick Cuban Floridian
I put the fire on that ass like a Davidian

The flow is witty and meant to dispel
Any notion a producer / MC can't excel
With the handling of a nick van exel
Pretty boy in some crispy pastels

Im pass swell, see I'm more like great
I see through you clowns like Welch's white grape
You lightweight so I suggest you fall bizzle
Im Big Diam niggas call me off the hizzle (yeah)