Fredo Santana - Got Myself (feat. King Louie) (2012) (Produced by Fredo Santana)

альбом: Fredo Santana - It's a Scary Site (2012)


[Hook: Fredo Santana x2]
Niggas on that sneak shit
I be on that street shit
Made cause I keep it G shit
Hood shit, real shit
Hit the club V.I.P shit
Real nigga, I'm me shit
I got myself, I don't need shit (x2)

[Verse 1: Fredo Santana]
Real niggas love that street shit
You don't what that beef shit
Sneak dissing, that's weak shit
Smart nigga, yeah I peep shit
Fake niggas, I don't fuck with 'em
Couple shots I buck at 'em
Real niggas, I fuck with 'em
Street shit, I'm deep in it
Got to sleep with 3 women
Niggas hate cause I'm winning
Champagne and bankrolls
Snake niggas, I hate those (x2)
Fake niggas, why they make those
Big guns by the case (?) (x2)
With a lotta ammo
GBE what I'd die for. 300, what I'd ride for (x2)

[Hook: Fredo Santana x2]

[Verse 2: King Louie]
Got myself, I don't need shit
Foreign ride, loud weed lit
.45 with a 30 clip
Double cup full of 30 sips
Ice on me, your wife on me
Cut the bitch, no knife homie
Real nigga, I don't like phonies
Sex, money, drugs that's life for me
Brand new thot tryna suck something
These niggas pussies so my Glock tryna buck something
Fredo in the cut 'bout to shoot something
'Fore a bitch nigga like 'Do something'
Too loud, lemme use that
Lotta news out, got the top off, with the shoes on
Throwing 50 soda kush too strong
Brick all well (?)
I'ma big G, you a sissy
Don't like it when a ho try to kiss me
Cause I be leaving bitches breathe all dicky
Pimp shit, shawty be on that cray shit
(?) with k shit
Wet 'em up, on some baby shit
MUBU, I'm paid bitch

[Hook: Fredo Santana x2]