Snowgoons - The Rapture (feat. Swifty McVay, Sean Strange, Bizarre & Meth Mouth) (2012) (Produced by Snowgoons)

альбом: Snowgoons - Snowgoons Dynasty (2012)


[Verse 1: Meth Mouth]
Its Meth
Murder music
Its the lyrical genocide
My men at war spread like pesticide
Knocked on heavens door, beheaded and petrified
Talk shit, get offed within the enterprise
Step aside, I'mma let it fly like this set of knives
Switch blade, carve 'em, said I couldn't hang
Because the colour of my skin, watch the skin hang off em
I'm just stating facts its the serrated tongue with the jaded rap
I traveled to hell with the best and made it back
Take a bump from the sadist punk
Tired of chasing drugs so drew an x through my wrist to mark the place to cut
They found Meth as good as dead on the curb
Shot up the wrong vein addictions really getting on my nerves

[Hook: King Gordy]
Murder! Torture! Death! Pain!
Off two hits of cocaine, I am killin' everythin'!
This is
Murder! Torture! Death! Pain!
So what the game when I blow out your brains!
Murder! Torture! Death! pain!
Off two hits of cocaine, I am killin' everythin'
This is
Murder! Torture! Death! Pain!
So what the game when I'm blowin' out your brains!

[Verse 2: Swifty McVay]
You musta been smoking a boulder
For fucking with a soldier that's sicker then Ebola
I roll up on the whole with a chainsaw
Turned his little toddler to coleslaw
Im gonna expose y'all
Savagely swarm balls(?)
I paint walls, leave ya crib the massacre color
Lifting up this match just to blast whoever
I sever heads from shoulders
Don't want a sword, put my hands around his neck till I snap their vocal cords
Fuck your authority!
I grab a weed brownie from Gordy
And get to stomping niggas fast as sororities
They either speaking under they breath
Or ignoring me
Cause bossing up get the ass stretched on a gurney

[Hook: King Gordy]

[Verse 3: Bizarre]
Dressed in all black, Death attire
I'm Michael Myers mix with Omar from The Wire
Read the flyer, Bizarre performing live tonight
Let me ask you a question, bitch you ready to fucking die tonight
Two little boys, nine and eight
Sodomized and raped
Got em fucking scared straight
Menace to society
Without the grades
I borrowed out the phase
Mess with full blown AIDS
Ten OC's about to OD
Beat your newborn up like the UFC
I'm in Long Island hiding out
Killer, murder, pain, that's what Bizarre's about

[Hook: King Gordy]

[Verse 4: Sean Strange]
Ayo a true lunatic
Shoot the shit with the creep
I'd rather off a beat a day than move a brick in a week
Collision with me?
Ill leave you to eternally bleeding
Have you no longer walking and re-learning to read
If we further from greed the dream turning to green
Believe I keep murder between my shirt and my jeans
You work for the clean and roam around the earth like a fiend
I rep 9/12/82, the birth of a king
And bring the verbal torture oughtta move with caution
You'll need help
I breathe hell with D12 and leave welts with seat belts
And rebound with brain manipulation from the nation of pain
You wet like rain precipitation when you breaking the vein

[Hook: King Gordy]