Redman - Lookin' Fly Too (feat. Method Man & Ready Roc) (2013)


[Verse 1: Redman]
Check Mic
The Superman love a girl, that’s my handle
That’s why my hand on the handle of the Lambo
The man oh, save the soup for Campbell
I got girls goin Rambo in the land oh
With High heels, sandals, getting they freak on
Four girls eight feet deep in the Nissan
One black, two vanilla, one is pecan
The bomb, so I catch them all like Keshawn
The beats on so I throw on the headphones
With the mic keep a close eye on the redbone
I beat it up till they throw on the next song
When I die put “He’s fly” on the headstone
Get stepped on when you walk in my world
You pay tolls I fly over the Triborough
Hustler, Cadillac on my grill
Getting it, since J Lo is a fly girl

[Hook: Redman]
Have you seen a nigga pimpin
And you know I'm lookin' fly
I'm lookin' fly (Lets go!)
I walk around in a Cadi
You know I'm lookin' fly
I'm lookin' fly
I'm international worldwide baby
You know I'm fly
You know I'm fly (Okay)
I play F.L.Y 'til I die
You know I'm fly
You know I'm fly
You know I'm fly

[Verse 2: Ready Roc]
Who you know get higher than me
Look, Superman couldn’t get flier than me
Im bout to get it started up like I powered the V
Im so fly when I was young they kept me tied to a tree
See im all that and some, cool and handsome
Ladies on my game run smooth as a Phantom
That’s why they can't stand him, still they chance him
Cuz if they really worth it they know ima romance them
But if they not, ima one night stand them
As soon as its over I tell em give my man some
You know Super Fly, Im his grandson
Pimp game vicious with the strength of Sams son
Where im goin you can't come, WHY? Its too far
A place where them niggas are flier than used cars
Catch me im at the juice bar, chillin with two broads
Somewhere in Amsterdam like im Harold and Kumar

[Hook: Redman]

[Verse 3: Method Man]
You know im F-L-Y till I die girl, you know im fly
Look in my eyes and you know im high
Still loving even though I lie
And im a little too fly to stay grounded even though I try
All these haters wanna clip my wings
Gold diggers wanna get my cream
My money dirty how’d it get so clean?
Im a dino when I dip my thing
I Tell the concierge to get my things
Big Meth always VIP
Stay fresh till I D-I-E
I be rollin it up, so when I puff
You with B-I-G
Ya money young gotta see ID
Why pay, I can fly for free
There ain't no I in We
And there ain't no limit but the sky for me
Be yaself, you ain't lying to me
Cuz there is a difference between what you are and what you tryin to be

[Hook: Redman]