Dope D.O.D. - Psychosis (feat. Sean Price) (2012) (Produced by Peter Songolo)

альбом: Dope D.O.D. - Branded (2011)


I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta...

[Verse 1: Jay Reaper]
I’m going mental
I'm stuck in the melody
Call me instrumental
Hip hop felonies
Down with the gentle
Gotta analyse what I been threw
Fuck you!
Tourette one of my disorders
I been Horus
Make the beat explode when I spit on it
Supersonic I’m fluid like gin tonic
And when I say I'm killing it
Its just symbolic
Come and hang with the Dopekids
Come and hang and ima show you how the show business is
If you the lawn then I'm mowing it
Because I'm way too thick like I’m Jay-Z’s lower lip
Can’t get a grip on my sober shit
Now let me break these niggas down to the last little bit
And blast cum on your pretty bitch
Cause I got medical issues
And more than just a silly twitch
Get out my way cause I'm pretty pissed
Grab niggas by their necks and dump em in a dirty ditch
And dirty dicks for your nerdy bitch
Ima never switch
Stay like this
Till I’m 36
You jerk prick just insert disc
Or Ima get busy like a insurgist
Way more than I can cope with
Dope D.o.D. living with a psychosis

[Verse 2: Skits Vicious]
Come along come and see it
Psychotic being, circus freak: Skits!
I cut wack mc’s career’s short as a fetus
Now I'm on the brink of destroying world leaders
I enter arena’s, seen as the beast in the sport
Chopping down crews with a 3 meter sword
When P’s on the boards there’s a chemical reaction
Run while ya can start heading for the exits
Cause my skin melts off when I transform
And shut down blocks like a sandstorm
You come across as a nervous teen
I go blind in the club and wake up to a murder scene
Drug tester, raise my blood pressure
I give chicks a case a shock lecture
Raps mad hatter, in effect!
I kill a track with flows from the bottom of the river bed
And I ain't finished yet, within a milli sec
I cut the crap and snatch ya by ya little head
I hit the switch to high voltage
And stay slick as I live in Psychosis!!!

[Verse 3: Sean price]
Psychosis, I wrote this
Heroin Needle with wings, fly dope shit
Port of hanging near a boat bitch
Open the box and thats where the coke bricks
I'm so slick, no wave grease
When the 4 spit, don't wave peace
I'm about war, diamond with no flaws
Rhymin is so raw, climbing from dirt poor
Mentally sick, I'm meant to be rich
But I'm the opposite, I pop the 5th and empty the clip
No smile and the fucked up grin
Profile with the scuffed up timbs
Past the point of no return
Blast the joint, ignore the burns
Lost contact with reality
Psychosis who the fuck wanna battle me!