Slaine - Getting High (feat. Demrick) (2014) (Produced by DJ Lethal)

альбом: Slaine - The King of Everything (2014)


Everybody's gettin' high
Everybody's gettin' high
Everybody's gettin' high (we gettin' high) x 6
Everybody's gettin' high (we gettin' high)(Don't forget the weed though)

[Verse 1: Slaine]
He's been sniffing since 15, smoking since 14
Never could piss clean, insisted on morphine
Twisted endorphines, Sisters are all fiends
Hung in the hallways, Weening them off things
Freed from his offspring, Weezing and coughing
From the weed that he's breathing and he's believing in nothing
Cause everyone is gettin' high in this city, dope crushed down, folded up inside a crisp fifty
Joey downtown boosted with his bitch Christie
Need a fix, gotta hustle take the risk with me
While cliff smoke a spliff thick as miss piggy
Getting high with a boombox, saying he missed Biggie
Kids are get sniffy, sluts on ecstasy
My ex Stacy texts me saying that she just missed me
But she smoked a bag of dust before he snuff richie
The whole block is fucked up with a rough history


[Verse 2: Demrick]
Yah, uh
Yeah, in my uncles ash tray there was a J in a roach clip
Fresh and nitty, he told me, boy, go ahead, take a hit
I got a pound, take a sip, make a trip to the strip, it'll flip
Bring the chips, you'll get some kicks
That was it
I was hooked
I seen everybody smoking, I seen everybody buying
Bitch I fuckin' wish she on that cocaine diet
I ain't biased but I never tried it
Far as weed goes, known to roll with the most highest
Molly keeps the night rolling like four tires
Mushrooms have my head in the sky with no pilot
My homie dropped LSD in my 40, said don't fight it
Nigga have one hell of a night, that's no lying
Grandma's medicine cabinet was on another planet
Grab a couple reds, couple whites, couple blues
It's the American way, how come I never knew
Get them things off back at school for the revenue


[Verse 3: Slaine]
This is the place I see my demons where they haunt me at
I try to leave, and go away, they always want me back
My neighborhood is where the real life zombies at
Just seen Johnny noddin' off down at the Laundry Mat
My uncle got sober, but my auntie's taxed
She's trying to pawn a mag she stole out of Johnny's backpack
She's a thief, the pills effect her speech
Clean inside the can, that's until she get's released

[Verse 4: Demrick]
We all got addictions so who are you to judge
Acting like you never caught a buzz, shit the whole world high
Just make sure it ain't your own supply
I seen too many get spun like some old 45s
2 advils, 2 shots of Jameson for I fly
I swear I'm gonna fuck a stuartist on a flight before I die
If you lookin' for a nigga, it's hard to find me sober
If you're looking some drugs, go ahead and invite me over cause...