Young Dolph - Tric or Treat (2019) (Produced by Pyrex Whippa)


[Intro: 21 Savage & Offset]
Zone 6 nigga, Pyrex whippa
Yeah yeah

Once upon a time was a lil' nigga from South Memphis, uh
I think they call him Dolph (Dolph)
About 2009 a lil' nigga start rapping, but they say he gonna be his own boss
2010 he dropped his first real mixtape
"Welcome to Dolph World" and he took off (off)
Wait, pause, lemme slow down a second (hol' up)
Ask Lil Wook I came in the game reckless
Ask the fuck niggas, I came in the game flexing
Yeah he came in the game flexing (huh!)
I remember 2011 major label came at me and they tried to give me two mil (wait a minute)
I gave him a handshake, looked him in his eyes, said "Nah, but I'll talk to you in two years" (gone)
Ask every bad bitch in Memphis they gon' tell you that he smoke the best weed (bag)
And he got the sack (facts)
That lil' nigga can't pull up like me (how?)
With a hunnit niggas, and a hunnit racks
The streets ain't never seen no shit like it (uh)
My first show ever, made 'em give me five thousand (uh)
Right there in my city and I threw it in the crowd
Been turnt up ever since, bitch (bitch)
Look at me now (uh)
I remember after that night I told my mama that your son 'bout to be a star (yeah, yeah)
Fell asleep plenty other nights on that sofa in your garage, in my race-car (yeah, yeah)
All the bad bitches on my radar (yeah)
Pull up by myself with the AR (brr)
Come through in a coupe like "Hey y'all" (poppin')
That young nigga don't play Dolph (it's Dolph)
That young nigga don't play fair (it's Dolph!)
Two million cash but I don't stay there (it's Dolph!)
Had the racks in the cage, never lay there (woo)
Treat the trap house like a daycare (my playground)
I'm the one taught all the young niggas how to say "Fuck your big homie go get you a plug"
Dolph why you had all them Grizzly players smoking all that gas and guess where that came from? (trap)
Yeah I brought all the drip to the city
These lil niggas wasn't even on this shit yet
I came in this bitch rockin' Prada and Gucci and Dolce, and talkin' 'bout ownership, yeah
I just love stacking this shit up
I like how it look, I play with it like Legos (stack it up)
Full of that drank I DM'd Rihanna told her "Let's go spend a half a mil on Rodeo"
Real rich nigga, how you know you rich nigga?
Cause I got rich niggas on my payroll (uh)
My lil' boy in kindergarten, went to school wearing Gucci, told his classmates "Yeah, these my play clothes"
This a celebration, need me some Ace somebody call Jigga tell him that I need fifty case loads
Me, and all of the gang (gang)
Gon' drink all this shit, and pour all the rest on the floor
Type of shit rich niggas do and they winnin' and livin', remember the days they was broke!
Boy got so many motherfuckin' diamond chains he can tie them together and start jumping rope
Came in this bitch with my back against the wall
The only major rapper in my city that came in the game and really really really really had big racks in the wall
I got tired of watches, then I started buyin' cars
I got tired of cars, then I started buyin' property
Trap nigga out here playin' real life monopoly
"Dolph, you be too fresh, why don't you start modeling?"
Nah, I'd rather keep these model bitches on top of me
Heh, and tell these rap niggas stop copyin' (I see you)
I want sixes on the Cullinan, Halloween (Halloween)

Trick or treat motherfucker
Everyday though
Real life shit
Everyday shit
All facts shit
Straight up and down shit
Y'nah mean
Yeah yeah