Young Dolph - She Not Mine (feat. Problem) (2014) (Produced by Metro Boomin)

альбом: Young Dolph - High Class Street Music 4 (American Gangster) (2014)


[Hook: Young Dolph]
You might see me with the girl but she ain't mine
16 when I sold my first pound
Sitting in my spot break it down
Nigga come get you a mothafucking pound
You know if that shit ain't strong nigga then that shit ain't mine
You know if that car don't go 2 hunna then that bitch ain't mine
You might see me with the girl but she ain't mine
Nigga come get you a mothafucking pound

[Verse 1: Young Dolph]
Fire, fire, fire my block on fire
Glocks on standby ready to let em fly
I never seen a man cry til I seen one die
I wasn't good in English class but i could sell you a pound
I spent some shoppin habits got me in and out of town
Every time I come around suckas look down
Fuck wrong with you, pick your face up nigga
Stop complaining and get your cake up nigga
First thang to cross my mind, that paper everyday I wake up nigga
Ferragamo sweats with the matching lace ups nigga
I'ma dope boy I ain't never have a check pay stub nigga
You, you just another fake fuck nigga
I'm a street nigga, so in my trap I trust niggas


[Verse 2: Young Dolph]
16 when I sold my first p
Fuck playing basketball, I gotta eat
Mamma and daddy fucked up, they can't do shit for me
So I went and got a second daddy out the streets
Pull up on yo streets
In that mothafucking V
Garbage bags full of grass in the back seat
She in my passenger seat but she don't belong to me
Told my nigga she just another freak so she belong to we
I don't love these bitches and you shouldn't either
The only thang I love is selling pounds of reefer
That shit you hit 2 times put you in a sleeper
Yo bitch on my dick cuz she know you not my equal


[Verse 3: Problem]
Diamond lane boys get it any way
Wrap it up then you hit it with the spray like
Shh, shh
Shh, shh, cool
Do yo laundry, pick yo skirt
I found one by the schoolers is what I'm supposed to be doing
Money talk I'm openly fluent
I swear I lapse trailers like a uhaul we openly moving
Homeboy I fuck with the students
I don't deal with the fakes
I don't even know you no more
I can count a mill in their face
One millions to chase
We all say life is a bitch
Young Dolph make it appear in their face
And make em pop it
100 dollar a day no option
Went from not having no houses
To walking around with thousands