Slaine - Evolution of the Kid (2013) (Produced by Lu Balz)

альбом: Slaine - The Boston Project (2013)


Hey, young world, wanna hear a story?

How's it feel to be overlooked, underrated and hated?
Stomach pains in the belly of a city hungry
If one of us made it to prominence is a mentality
Of crabs in the barrel, reality is pretty ugly
Well, let's back up cause my story ain't a fairy tale, it's really real
Ain't had a chance, I ain't have nothin', I could barely feel
All's have was these neighborhoods I know very well
In a fiery will, some pages in my diary, I would spill
Lyrics on my paper, violence around me, it's on me
I blindly feel my books like a zombie
Measurin' these stories with my bare hands
Pictures of this grimy game
I stall it like a pilot in a kamikaze plane
A decade of pain tells me I'm a grown man
I live my life holdin' death inside my own hands
The kids that I grew up with locked up or inside a box
There ain't no runnin' here, your only choice is fight or box
The music pushed me through the ghosts thats in the hall
Toasters and the dope sickness, ferociousness and all
The hopelessness of watchin' overdoses and the horror
Suicides and murders, I can't take this shit no more
I had these posters on my wall and this music in my room
It took me out my world
It would shoot me to the moon
Yous' a fire burnin', I'm determined from this higher learnin'
Put me on a different road
Engine revving
Tires turnin'
Ever since I'm 7, I just know where I got to go
Trapped in this vicious dome, but I'm back
This is home
They said I could've been a star, but I lost my logic
My heart is harder than the bricks in the Boston projects