Snak The Ripper - All Out (feat. Rittz) (2018) (Produced by C-Lance)

альбом: Snak The Ripper - Off the Rails (2018)

Текст песни Snak The Ripper - All Out (feat. Rittz) (2018):

[Verse 1: Snak The Ripper]
You don't wanna get the Ripper started again
Don't know another way, goin' hard as I can
Every bar I command is a part of the brand
Shit raw like sushi in the heart of Japan
Spark a little chronic when I park the sedan
Smack 'em in the face with the barf on my hand
Never give a fuck is the marketing plan
This'll get into your blood like a carcinogen
Start shit, end up rolled in a carpet
Your bitch breath smell like an old dirty armpit
This here the coke bein' sold on the market
Come from a place that's cold as the Arctic
Raised in the streets got a criminal mind
Been livin' behind this abysmal line
Chisel every verse, every syllable prime
And I'm gettin' it all done in minimal time
My names comin' up when they have their discussions
Hack your computer and act like I'm Russian
Grab that bat give your ass a concussion
Bitch stand back leave a path of destruction
Got that crack, every track so disgustin'
Big C Lance gotta stash the production
Smash the percussion
Ask if I'm bluffin'
Probably gettin' drunk somewhere laughin' at nothin'
I've been awake, gettin' live in the place
These rappers all fake
They just lie to your face
Got my foot on the gas while they riding the brakes
Five minutes they blinded, the time that it takes
Tryin' to debate while we
Strive to be great
Five in my head, one more line and I'm straight
So scribin' my fate, not defined by mistakes
Smokin' this green got my mind up in space

We like to keep it rowdy, they know we'll never quit it
There ain't no question 'bout it, we always stay committed
About to fuck this place up and it's just to say we did it
If you got a problem with it bitch you know we goin' all out

[Verse 2: Rittz]
Ain't that probably what the streets is known for, goin' all out
Got the backstage lookin' like it's girls gone wild, don't tease me, show on
Now whoa, slow it down, had to teach my homeboy, that she's a coke whore
She like to carve lines and slopes but these hoes don't ski or snowboard
Like go for it, fuck her but you gotta wear a rubber, try to tongue kiss her betcha she gon' leave a cold sore
And you gon' need more than just Abreva ointment
I'm always gettin' head they don't need to coinflip
They give it up to anyone who seemin' important
Got me feelin like homie, the lead singin' Poison
Bret Michaels rap, I just vibe with Snak
Maybe nice on the mic
I'm a psychopath
That might go smack the fuck out of anyone talkin' about me on the internet before I write them back
Cause real life ain't a fake facade
Ain't a front like a whore house but the sign say massage
Papers lodged, strapped, tucked underneath the famous stars
And great Bape in a mason jar
And unlike that fake chain of yours
You ain't made your mark
If you an actor then play your part
For fuck's sake you'll get duct taped, laid out starin' at the blade of a table saw
I'm like a paper boy, been known Atlanta Journal
Sharp dressed man, no flannels, thermals
No sandals, turtlenecks
Everywhere I turn my head, it's like I'm standin' in the land of Urkels
Rappers say they want smoke til a firearm
Is pulled on 'em then they runnin' for the fire alarm
And start blastin', that was your final warning
Broadcast it on Viacom and we goin' all out, BITCH!