REVERIE - Ain't Shit (2020) (Produced by LOUDEN)

REVERIE - Ain't Shit (2020):

Never gave a fuck, never gave a shit
Haters, you could eat a dick
I dont wanna hear about it
Walk the talk? I doubt it

I aint gonna wait my turn
Imma cut the fucken line
Ask me how Im feeling, baby
Crazy, but the pay is fine

Say it aint mine & imma have to take it
You cant stand the real
Cuz ur just a fake bitch

You be posing like a gangsta- but you aint g
Got no credit, no resume in these streets
Faking where you came from
Busted, cuz your lame son
Tryna ride my coat tails now because Im famous

You cant compare to me, were nothing like the same
From my name, to my game, to my pay to my frame, bitch
You know the name, bitch
Aint shit changed, bitch
Lame bitch, when i see you- got nothing to say, bitch

If you want it, you could get it, I aint gonna sweat it
If you need it, imma bring it, you could fucken guarantee it
You aint gotta say it twice, want smoke? Imma be it
& fuck pulling hair, bitch, Im coming out swinging

I really was in the streets, really was smoking dope
Really lived the life I rap about
No, it aint a joke
You get choked
Leave you hanging by a rope
Bones broke
Yeah, imma cut your fucken throat
Better act like ya know

I been chain smoking cigarettes
Liquor, sess, bigger stress
Take a test, imma ace
You could catch this fade- quick
Careful, cus its dangerous
Gang is who I came with
Stay in your lane, bitch
Yes, Im insane, bitch

They forget i grew up a screw up
Gang signs, throw the crew up
Base head & then I blew up

Used to never sleep, dust in my sheets
Never close my eyes- keep em wide
Ear to the streets
Fuck the police

Rest in peace to all the dead homies
Aint saying it twice
You heard what i said, homie

Wasted & lonely
Crazy, yall know me
Flow like the ocean, wavy
Cant put no salt on me

I been stressing, I been feening
I been thinking relapsing
All star- never practiced
Ditched all my fucken classes
You been plastic, I been classic
I been straight, been paid
Been played, I been great

I been places you could only dream about
Brought my team around
Stepped foot on 22 countries
Homie, I be about it
I been a hustler, been a rider
For life, do or die
Almost lost my fucken life a few times

I aint scared of death
I aint scared to live
Matter of fact, I love to split the profit
I aint scared to give
Imma pass the love, imma share the light
I been feeling nice
I love this rap shit
Thats why we do this every fucken night, bitch