The study of Kung Fu Fighting is ongoing
Don't ever hope to master all of them
So be careful
Thank you for your advice
Bring it to the block, with the pots in the kitchen
Mo' business, supply the whole district
Down murder Ave, where we raised on the crooked blocks
You see a song, you really don't till Meth on it

[Verse 1: Method Man]
Who mind weaker, the house or the house speaker?
And where would Nas and Jay-Z be without Ether?
Which one you think want that repeat? I doubt either
How many people still wanna see it? Tical neither
I might get blood on the wife beater but I don't need to
Beat up a diva then call the brother a child beater
My brothers keeper but stunt and I'll be my brothers reaper
I call the heater mosquito, your baby mama Zika
Follow the leader plus I'ma breathe the respect on it
This called classic so I'ma need y'all to step on it
You see your song ain't really on til Meth on it
My next opponent gon' have a 'Protect Ya Neck' moment
Core, hey man this track is cold as below zero
Ay dios mio tell mi amigo si hace frio
But I ain't bilingual, just understand that Method Man
Is more of an anagram like Live Evil